Hello from the Schmidts

Friends and family – welcome to our new little corner on the web where Eric and I plan to share pictures and stories as the next chapter in our life is written. As you may know, Eric will be home from the desert very soon and I couldn’t be more excited. Being far away from home has been difficult for both of us but we have had a wonderful time making Georgia home.

Here is a quick catch up on what life has brought us this past year and our plans for the near future. Eric deployed in June of 2012 to Kuwait and when he returns he will be staying at Fort Benning for the remainder of his time with the Army. I began a job the Monday after Eric left with a trust company here in town as a temp worker and was hired on permanently in December. The people I work with are great and the job has been a lot of fun so far. While Eric has been gone I’ve been keeping myself busy hanging out with our dog Sonie and our cat Blackjack. I also volunteered two nights a week as a swim coach for the youth swim team here on post (or “base” as many of you may know it by). While I was home visiting for Christmas I purchased a new-to-me 2011 VW Jetta and she is beautiful. Eric and I are now both Jetta owners, but mine is way cooler because I have a sunroof ;).

Eric will have his last day with the Army in April of 2014 and will hopefully begin school full time for his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice shortly after that at a university here in town. We are hoping to eventually make our way down to Tampa but for now we will continue to call Georgia

photo 3-3
My new car


Eric and the guys from his company

I will be back soon with pictures from Eric’s homecoming..stay tuned!


ps: because anyone can read this blog we will be leaving certain details out for safety reasons

pps: we would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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