Our Farm House Table

When I came across this ah-maz-ing diy-ed farm table I knew I needed a piece of furniture that beautiful in my life. Eric and I causally looked around for a cheaper table to make our own but came up empty handed. This past Sunday morning, while flipping through the Target ad in the kitchen as Eric read the sports section on the couch, I looked up at our own table and had a lightbulb moment.

After thirty minutes of discussing the details, and discovering Eric had been tossing around the same idea, we had plans to turn our current table into our dream farm house table.


photo 1-5The before picture (and a sneaky vist from Sonie!)

To make things simple we decided on a 1/2″ hangover on each side, meaning we would need (4) 1×8 boards cut to 5 ft and one supporting beam to go underneath for support. *Here is where we had a little goof – apparently boards are not actually the the width listed because wood “shrinks”. Lesson learned, but it all worked out in the end*

photo 2-2What a studly man

Once home we laid out our 4 boards and sanded them with 220 grit sandpaper (the supporting piece is underneath so we did not sand or stain it). We sanded just enough to make them smooth and round out the corners a bit and we were able to do this without a sander.

photo 4-4

Eric began priming the frame of the table and the chairs while I put on the first coat of stain. We used a Rustoleum spray paint primer for the metal table and chairs and Minwax stain in dark walnut for the wood. After the first coat of stain went on, Eric and I finished priming and were able to start the first coat of spray paint. We chose Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover and it covered the original dark brown easily.

photo 4Working hard

After about an hour or two I put on a second coat of stain because we wanted the boards to be a little darker.  I’m a newbie with wood staining and I don’t think we waited long enough between coats (and when we were done) but we were just so excited to get our table put together.

photo 5-2I didn’t want to have all the fun so I let Eric do a coat on one of the boards

After the table and chairs were dry we finished them off with a coat of Rustoleum Matte Finish and I put a coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax on the boards. Everything dried very quickly because it was a beautiful 75 degree day. If we didn’t live in an apartment we would have left everything out to dry longer but we brought it all in when it felt dry to the touch.

photo 3-1Taking a break to play with Sonie

We were tired after being out in the sun all day and Eric had to leave for softball practice so we put the table and chairs back together and laid the boards on the frame to dry for the night. Eric screwed everything down with self-tapping screws the next day while I was at work.

When we laid the boards on top of the table frame we discovered our error in our measurements. Instead of the 1/2″ over hang on the long sides of the table we now have a small lip on each side but we are still really happy with how it turned out!

photo 5-1(this was taken before the boards were screwed down)

Isn’t she beautiful? This project was super easy and it has made such a difference in our apartment. We can’t wait to start working on our next project!

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