My D&C Experience

**When we found out I would be needing a D&C I did a lot off research on what to expect before, during, and after the surgery and it helped tremendously. I wanted to share my experience for any women looking for the same information.**

My surgery was scheduled for Friday July 12 at 7:30 am. The day before I went to my midwife’s office and met the doctor who would be performing the surgery. The conversation only lasted about 5 minutes and after that I met with another lady in the office who did the scheduling. She let me know what hospital the surgery would be performed at and that I had to be there at 5:30.

After the meeting that afternoon, I headed to the hospital for a pre-op appointment and registration. I signed off on a few papers, went over my medical history with an RN, and then had blood drawn for a few tests

We woke up Friday morning at about 445 so we could get ready and out of the door on time. I was not allowed anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before. I had to remove all of my jewelry and was not allowed to have anything in my hair, on my nails or on my face the day of surgery. I was told to wear comfortable clothes and to bring socks so I would stay warm.

When we got there we waited in a waiting room for about 5 minutes and then were called back to my room. I was given a gown with an opening in the back and instructed to remove everything except for my socks.  The pre-op nurse came in to do more paperwork and all of it was very normal and expected until she told me it was their policy to fill out a death certificate. In all of the research I did I never came across anyone mentioning a death certificate and this really took me off guard. I was 11w6d of the surgery but our baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks so there were a lot of questions answered with “unknown”. Knowing there will be a death certificate on file made this much more real.

Not long after the pre-op nurse finished filling out all of the paperwork another nurse came by with a bed to take me to the pre-op holding area. This is where I had to say goodbye to Eric and he went to sit in the waiting room. Once in the holding area, where it was freezing, two nurses came by. One filled out yet more paperwork and another got my IV started. After that a member of the anesthesia team came by with more questions and paperwork. He told me exactly what they would be doing and that my throat might be a little sore afterwards because they would be putting a breathing tube down my throat but I would be out before that was done. He asked if I was at all nervous, which I was a bit, and he told me they would give me something to help me relax. He also put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear and told me I would be receiving a few other drugs after surgery to help with nausea since I got sick after I had dental surgery quite a few years ago.

The nurse who filled out paperwork in the holding area came back and hooked up my IV to the “don’t care at all” drugs. They hit me in about 30 seconds and put me in a weird state of feeling a little drunk. Not much longer after that the surgen stopped by to see how I was doing and I was rolled into the operating room a little after 7 since the surgeon was there early. I had to scoot over from my bed to the operating table and a doctor or nurse put an oxegon mask over my face and told me to take deep breaths.

The next thing I know I was waking up in the post-op holding area where a nurse asked how I was feeling. I was so glad I didn’t feel groggy, more like I had just taken a pretty good nap. She checked my vital signs and they were good so off I was rolled back to my room. I had to scoot from the bed that they wheeled me in onto the bed in my waiting room and that was when I noticed a bit of pain and the cramps began. I wasn’t too terrible but it was noticeable. The nurse left me when a sprite to drink and Eric came in the room with me. We watched TV for about a half hour before a new post-op nurse came in to see if I was ready to get up. I actually felt a bit better standing than I did laying down and I was instructed I would have to use the bathroom before I could leave. I had no issues with this and was soon told I could change back into my clothes. After the discharge papers were filled out Eric went to get the car and the nurse wheeled me down at about 10am.

I felt pretty wide awake and we stopped at Panera to get bagels and I got a smoothie since I was told no solids for two hours. I was able to keep the smoothie down without any problems so Eric brought my bagel to me on the couch. I took about 7 naps throughout the day but otherwise I was good with only minimal pain. I was prescribed Percocet and we went on post that afternoon to fill it but I stuck to the 800mg Ibuprofen I had.

I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat but other than that I seem to be mostly back to normal. I have to call the doctor’s office on Monday to schedule a follow up appointment and until then I was told that I was not allowed to do any heaving lifting, exercising, or anything that might put a strain on me until I had my follow up appointment.

The, “how long do I wait till we start trying again” question came up a lot during my research. Because I had back-to-back miscarriages and because my midwife said it would be best, we are going to wait two cycles till we try again. At my follow up appointment I am going to see if they will do any blood tests to check for a reason for the miscarriages. My midwife told me they do not do any testing till after the third but I am going to try for it anyway. I would rather have the piece of mind, or find out something is wrong, than have to go through another loss to only find out it could have been prevented with the help of medication.

If anyone would like more information or has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


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