14 Weeks

How far along are you? 14 weeks and 1 day, finally into the second trimester!
How big is Baby this week? About the size of a naval orange (4.5 in., 2-3 ounces)
Weight Gain? About the same as last week, though we did just eat Five Guys for dinner. Haha
Gender? Only baby knows at this point.
Maternity Clothes? None yet.
Stretch Marks? Not yet.
Sleep? So-so, am up to pee a few times but it could be worse.
Symptoms? Round ligament pain has shown up these past two days. I stood up from the couch last night and it caused me to double over but it usually doesn’t last longer than a few seconds.
Movement? Hopefully I’ll feel movement in the next few weeks.
Food Cravings? Not anything in particular.
Labor Signs? Thankfully none.
Belly Button in or out? In thank goodness, lets hope it stays that way the whole 9 months.
What I miss? I think I am going to miss out on the tasty wine we bought today for Thanksgiving dinner and I know for sure I am going to miss out on some brandy slush for Christmas.
What I am looking forward to? Thanksgiving and finding out if baby is a boy or girl.
Best moment of the week? Putting up the Christmas decorations today! Also paying off my car the other day. We are officially 100% debt free, watch for a blog post on that soon.

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