21 Weeks

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.20.21 PM
How far along are you? 21 weeks, over half way!
How big is Baby this week? About the size of a pomegranate (10.5 in, 12.2 oz)
Weight Gain? Up somewhere between 7-10lbs, I fluctuate a lot. (and dang you Christmas cookies)
Gender? It’s a….BOY!!!!!!
Maternity Clothes? Yes and no – got a few cute maternity shirts from my parents for Christmas and then picked up four more at Macy’s two weekends ago. The maternity clothes are definitely more comfortable but with a few tricks (hair tie through pant’s button hole, FTW!) I am still able to wear pre-pregnancy clothes.
Stretch Marks? Not yet.
Sleep? I still haven’t gotten that body pillow I talked about a few weeks ago, I just need to bite the bullet and do it because sleep is getting worse by the night. And suddenly it’s uncomfortable to lay on my right side so all that’s left is my left.
Symptoms? Back pain, yuck.
Movement? Still not 100% sure what I have felt has been the baby.
Food Cravings? Not anything in particular, we have started eating healthier though which makes me feel a million times better.
Labor Signs? Thankfully none, though I might be having some braxton hicks.
Belly Button in or out? Most definitely still in.
What I miss? A beer would be nice.
What I am looking forward to? Our anatomy scan tomorrow to make sure Cayden is growing as he should be, and to confirm that he is indeed a he! After all we have been through this past year I get a little nervous before appointments so I can’t wait to see his little beating heart on the screen.
Best moment of the week? Eric and I had a great weekend relaxing at home with two yummy dinners on Saturday and Sunday.

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