22 Weeks

22 weeks
How far along are you? 22 weeks, we had our anatomy scan this last week and they didn’t change my due date so we are back to May 23rd
How big is Baby this week? About the size of a papaya (10.5 in to 11.8in, 12.7 oz to 20.8oz) At 20w3d we were told he was already 20oz, he’s going to be a big baby!
Weight Gain? At my appointment they said I was up 15lbs, eek!, but I weigh my self occasionally at the same time on the same scale and I think it’s closer to 10lbs.
Gender? It’s a….BOY!!!!!!
Maternity Clothes? Still a mix and match, but I definitely can’t get away with non-maternity pants without the belly band.
Stretch Marks? Not yet.
Sleep? Terrible lately. Today is the day I am going to go out and get that body pillow, my hips and back are killing me.
Symptoms? The hip and back pain are about the only symptoms, and I am glad for that. This pregnancy has been pretty easy.
Movement? We have a kicker! On January 8th, the day after our appointment, I was laying on the couch and I felt a good kick to the palm of my hand. The next night when I felt it again I had Eric put his hand on my stomach and he was able to feel him too. I think Eric being able to feel him kick was more exciting than me feeling him kick, he is going to be such a good dad. When Eric took his hand away we got to actually see another good kick and got a laugh out of that. I was told I have an anterior placenta, instead of the placenta being between my back and baby it is between my stomach and baby. This explain why I wasn’t quite sure if what I was feeling was baby and why I missed all the “flutters” everyone talks about. Thankfully this isn’t any reason for concern as it causes no complications.
Food Cravings? Not anything in particular, though I think my appetite is starting to go up.
Labor Signs? Thankfully none.
Belly Button in or out? Most definitely still in.
What I miss? A Chipotle opened up here this past week and we went for dinner last night. A cold beer would have been fantastic with that burrito. I also wish I could sleep on my stomach some nights.
What I am looking forward to? Going home for our shower next month!
Best moment of the week? Hands down being able to feel the baby.
Look at those little baby fingers!

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